All major credit cards are accepted.  There wll be a 3% fee added to your total if you wish to pay with a credit card.  Personal checks are not accepted.

All firearm transactions are subject to a mandatory background check.  Any person who fails this check is subject to a $50 denial fee.  Additionally any firearm purchased in conjunction with background check is property of the buyer.  Since the background check precludes the buyer taking possesion of the firearm(s), there will be two options availble:


1.  Return:  The firearm can be returned to the store subject to a 15% restocking fee.


2. Consignment:  The denied can put the firearm on consignment with the shop.  When the firearm sells the buyer will recieve a percentage of the sell price. The shop will keep a small comission.


Background Checks


Firearms cannot be returned only sold to the shop used.  Ammunition cannot be returned, only given to the shop to be destroyed.

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